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Southern Oasis

This area, also know as Wadi Qnai, has a variety of dive sites suitable for divers of all levels and experience. We normally visit these sites as a full day trip, setting up base in one of the local restaurants who look after our bags and from which we can admire the wonderful scenery. It is also a great day out if there are non-divers in your party as they can spend the surface time with you as well as relax while you’re diving by either going for a snorkel, a swim or just lazing around reading a book.

The sites from north to south are:


Golden Blocks - So named because of two gorgeous “golden” columns of coral; this dive can either been done as drift dive to Moray Garden or just admire the abundance of coral and exit from the point at which you entered the water.

Moray Garden - Slightly misnamed as Moray Eels are rarely sighted there but a coral garden nonetheless. Able to be dived to both the left and right sides, this site offers ample opportunities for the photographers amongst you with some beautiful fan corals and a huge variety of life.

Three Pools - Entry to the site is via three pools. Again this is a great spot for photographers with much unspoilt coral and large pinnacles. Yellow spotted stingrays and the occasional eagle ray have been spotted here.

of coral here and the infrequency with which it is dived seems to lead to more sightings of the rare and unusual here.

Um Sid - A slightly more challenging site but well worth it. Probably one of the most beautiful sites in the Southern Oasis, although strong currents can be experienced here. Descending along the sandy bottom, some fantastic table corals can be seen from 18 meters and there is a magnificent reef wallto view as well.

The Caves - Although not caves in the true sense, these overhangs contain some impressive marine life and provide divers with something a little different to usual Dahab diving. In addition there are some lovely areas of coral to view. As these are not true overhead environments, no special training is required for these dives. However, it must be noted that entry can be a little difficult at times and the conditions must right in order to dive this site.

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