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Diving North of Dahab

North of Dahab you can find two of the most famous dive sites in the area; the Canyon and the Blue Hole. However, these are not the only sites in this area, there are many others equally spectacular in their own way but slightly less well known.

The Bells

The Bells is an open chimney, carved into the reef wall opening out into the blue via a swim through at 28 metres. Turning to the right, we swim along the reef wall gradually shallowing up to cross the saddle into the Blue Hole at 7 metres. Once in the Blue Hole, we normally swim around the edge keeping out of the way of technical divers and the free diving ropes while doing our safety swim before exiting. Please note that good buoyancy control is a must for this dive as the nature of the chimney means that divers must enter one by one in a line and once you’ve exited via the swim through the wall drops to 800 metres. However, our experienced guides will be keeping an eye on you at all times!

The Blue Hole is probably THE most famous site in Dahab. Although it has a reputation as one of the most dangerous dive sites in the world, this is predominantly due to people attempting dives that are outside the limits of their training. However, with a sensible attitude, good buoyancy control and guided by safe, experienced professionals this is a dive that can be done without any problems whatsoever.

The Canyon features a shallow entry into a lagoon which leads to the coral gardens beyond. These are lovely and perfect for Open Water divers. However, the reason this dive is one of the big three it the Canyon itself. Descending through the mouth of the Canyon, divers can explore the main floor, which is at 30 metres including the hot thermocline in one area. Very useful for warming your hands when diving in winter!

Please note that with the exception of Canyon Coral Garden we only allow divers who are doing their Advanced Open Water or are already certified Advanced Open Water or above to visit the above sites.

Abu Helal/ Abu Telah are two of the lesser dived sites in Dahab. Whilst this means that whilst they are almost pristine; there is a reason for this. Conditions need to right in order to do these dives and we normally only take experienced divers to these sites. There are some stunning examples of coral here and the infrequency with which it is dived seems to lead to more sightings of the rare and unusual here.

Ricks Reef is a perennial favourite in Dahab. Entering the dive site just north of the Canyon it is usually best done as a drift dive down to Canyon. Diving along a lovely reef wall, this is one of the most relaxing dives you can do here. Suitable for all levels.

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