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Diving around Dahab


Lighthouse will probably be your first taste of diving in Dahab. An amazing dive site with much to offer, you have the choice of exploring a vibrant coral reef, teeming with life or explore in the other direction and go hunting for seahorses, frog fish and ghost pipe fish.

The Islands is one of the “Big Three” dive sites in Dahab, along with Canyon and Blue Hole. Formed of three coral islands, this is probably the most beautiful dive in Dahab. Dive through the labyrinth of coral at this site and watch the barracudas, two bar sea bream and the occasional blue spotted stingray. Words cannot truly convey the beauty of this site, but we have known experienced divers from all over the world rate this as one of their favourite dives ever!

Eel Garden is a lovely site, although conditions must be right to experience this dive as entry and exit can be a little tricky during high winds. Descending through a small swim through between coral, the site opens up to a sloping sandy bottom where you can view hundreds of Red Sea Garden Eels waving with the tide. Having watched the eels, you then pass on to a coral garden before turning back and swimming along a gorgeous reef wall. In addition to garden Eels this site also boasts plenty of puffer-fish, trunk fish and black coral polyps.

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